MultiRotorMania Stiletto Racing Frame


  • $69.99

Introducing the Stiletto 5" Stretch, a brand new design from MRM. Following the latest trends in frame design and using MRM's forward thinking, we've come up with a racer built to win and built to last. Utilizing embedded nutserts for less hardware and easier arm change-outs, TPU component mounting, an included 3M EVA battery pad, top mount battery config (straight or sideways) and chamfered 6mm arms, we've come up with a winner through and through.

With only 19.4mm for electronic stack mounting (plus batt strap), this is a tight build, so please plan accordingly. There's a cool TPU 20mm stack mount available on thingiverse. 


Wheelbase: 230mm
Props: 5"
Weight (frame/hardware/no TPU): 75g
Standoffs: 18mm
FC Mounting: 30.5mm x 30.5mm/20mm x 20mm
Arms: 6mm chamfered