My name is Brandon Schmidt aka BSR_FPV i've been flying FPV since early 2016. I listen too whatever music suits my mood that day from NOFX to Gangstarr to Godsmack. I fly 5” frames 3” frames, tinyhawk, Fatshark goggles, and always Taranis. I live in Menifee, California as a powersports technician and RC enthusiast if your local hit me up and lets rip some packs.
Social media:
Instagram : BSR_FPV 
Facebook : brandon schmidt 
Youtube : BSR_FPV 
Airvuz : BSR_FPV  
I've been flying Twin Quad Frames Haksaw and Skilzaw both capable of 5.5-6” props, Omnibus F4, Wolfwhoop, TBS vtx 800mw, Runcam swift mini with 2.3 lens, Emax bullet 30a escs, Emax LS 2206-2700kv, Taranis QX7 and GoPro session until i kill it and need a big hero 7 

Hey whats good? I'm Marcus Hines also known as " Mfpv_Detroit "
I started flying FPV Oct 2017. I love all music  live in the Detroit Motor City.  I'm a heavy machine operator by day and an FPV artist by night.If your ever in Detroit hit me up let's fly some bandos 
Social media:
Instagram : Mfpv_Detroit
Facebook : mfpv detroit 
Equipment :
Team Pilot for Activate FPV frames... Fatshark Dom V3/ Taranis X9D.


My name is Dustin Schilling AKA SchillingFPV.

I’ve been flying FPV since the beginning of 2017 and fell in love with the freedom it offers, haven’t looked back since! 
I fly a few different setups from 7” frames all the way down to 2” micros for different types of flying. I live in Beautiful Humboldt County, CA (Northern Cali) where the trees are huge and so are the personality’s of the locals, if your ever up this way hit me up and we’ll hit some sick spots!  

Social Media :
Instagram: @schillingfpv
Facebook: Dustin Schilling
Youtube: Schilling FPV (still a work in progress due to rendering software)
Equipment :
Taranis X9Dplus with fullsize Crossfire TX. Fatshark HD3 with La-Forge diversity module. Foxeer lollipop2 on goggles and all quads plus a TrueRC X2-air patch on the goggles. 

7” Frame: Project399 super G dead-cat frame. Motors: Tmotor F40 pro2 1600KV 
6” Frame: Rebel miniquads Graffiti freestyle. Motors: Tmotor F40 pro2 2400KV
5” Frame: Skitzo Nova. Motors: Tmotor F40III 2400KV 

All flight controllers: Pirodrone f4 OSD. All ESC’s: Spedix GS 40A 4in1 BLheli32. All VTX’s: TBS Unify Pro HV. All FPV Cameras: Foxeer Mini Predator V3 and Micro Predator V3’s. 

All Receivers are TBS nano crossfire RX. All my battery packs are Chinahobbyline Ministar 1500MAH 4s and on long-range missions I use a Rebel miniquads 2200MAH 6s.



What up! 
I’m MexiCAN my name es Juan but I’m otherwise known as Ridin951 lol…
I’ve been flying out of Southern California since June 2016. I mostly fly Freestyle with my 5 inch at local spots with buds like BSR_FPV and Jaisor…
Some of my influences are HiFlite, JTrue, Willy, Steele, and Johnny… you might know who they are, if not, they’re worth a google search…

I’d say my style is a mixture of all those dudes cuz I like to fly technical, low to the ground, and with a little juice thrown in. Hit me up on Insta if your ever in my area and want to get a session in, or if you just need help with your Kwad…

Social Media : 

Instagram:  ridiN951_FPV

YouTube: RiDiN951


I'm Shawn Allison. AKA Stix FPV I've Been flying multirotors for 4 years. Got into the hobby from the enjoyment of building electronics but quickly became addicted to the thrill of soaring the skies!
When I fly, I like to listen to many types of music, from old school hip-hop and R&B to house and dubstep to reggaeton. The music can really dictate my flying style, if the music is fast, I fly fast, if the music is slow, I fly with more flow! 
Social Media :
YouTube:  StixFPV
Instagram:  Stixfpv
Equipment :
Fatshark HD3 with rapidFIRE Rx - FrSky Taranis X9D Plus with TBS Crossfire Micro Tx - Armattan Rooster -  BrainFPV Radix FC and Power Board  
Spedix GS 35A ESCs - Brother Hobby 2207/2405 1722kv motors - TBS Unify Pro HV - TBS Crossfire Nano