*Brother Hobby Garage Werks KG5 2207-1750KV


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Six, Six, 6S motors are here

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Get Tractor pull with this fresh out the oven motor from Kwad Garage

Go 6S and unleash the Kracken! The power delivery is smooth and punch outs are to the moon! Great for mid/long range flights / Freestyle and equally as hectic and viscous at the track.

I tested using a TBS 1300 6S lipo  - I was getting around 6+ minutes of flight time   cruising 65% with some acro style punch outs.

Tested this motor on Tattu 1550 4S and 6"Hq prop and was able to get around 9 minutes of (smooth mid range beach flying). It flies nice and subtle and gives you just enough pop to get you out of trouble. its like going from 4S to 3S..

Switch between both size batteries on the fly since pid's are very similar and wont affect your flight characteristics much at all.


Pair these motors with Spedix Hv30 or Spedix GS35 esc's


KV:1750KV  /   Configuration:12N14P   /   No.of Cells(Lipo):4-6S
Rotor:N52H arc magnets   /   Stator:0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel Shaft:Titanium Alloy hollow shaft

Bearings:Japanese EZO 8x 4 x 3mmWire AWG:20AWG  16cm length/Bell cap:Al 7075
Base casing:Al 7075   /   Prop Adapter Shaft Thread:M5   /   Bolt Pattern:M3 (16X19mm)
Weight:32g with 16cm SR wires