SPEDIX IS 30A 4-1 Speed Controller 2S-4S


  • $39.99

This 4-1 ESC features:

Highly efficient 5V/1.2A BEC output.
Integrated with a 7 pin Molex connector ( 1.25mm pin distance)
4 ESC signals and VBAT (battery voltage monitor) all can be connected to a flight controller with this 7 pin plug. 
The pins are defined as: GND, +5V, PWM1, PWM2, PWM3, PWM4, and VBAT. 

6 standard sized MOS-FETs in a larger size of 5 x 6mm

Superfast EFM8BB21 MCU 

Independent half bridge drive chip, and 3 Oz copper PCB with high TG

Distances between mounting holes are 30.5mm.

The dimensions of the board (except the soldering pads) are 36 x 36mm ( same as the standard flight controller )

Supports Dshot