FOXEER F722 Dual Gyro Flight Controller


  • $39.99

Dual Gyroscopes MPU6000 and ICM20602 built in to give both smooth and high-speed flying experience
Latest STM32F722RGT6 Processor with wide 3-6S input
Support both soldering pad and plug to ESC
Support both 4 in 1 and Single ECS connection

Size: 36*36mm φ4mm
Hole to Hole: 30.5*30.5 φ4mm
Processor: STM32F722RGT6
Dual Gyro: MPU6000 and ICM20602 (32K)
Memory: 16MB
Voltage regulator: 5V/2A 9V/1.5A
OSD Superposition: support
Input: 3-6S (10-30V)
Firmware: FOXEERF722DUAL
Uart: 5 ports

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