HYPERLOW RS+ Squashed X 20mm standoffs


  • $70.00

An extension of the Hyperlow RS series - the RS+ caters toward the freestyle crowd with its extended body, true-X and squashed-X arm options, and new dual GoPro mount. 
Top mount low profile freestyle frame
5mm True-X  
Woven chamfered matte carbon
Antennas + mounts + straps 
Battery and antenna pads
New dual GoPro mount 
With the RS originally being conceived as an all-in-one top mount racer and freestyle quad - the RS+ continues its trend by offering a small footprint lightweight freestyle setup with its skinny arms and narrower chassis for micro cams and 4in1 ESC's. 
A Closer Look:
+ The two RS+ arm designs allows you to switch between squashed and true x arms on the same body, even allowing you to mix the two for a deadcat option. This ensures clean HD footage, clear of props if you wish. 
+ The modular design features 4 separate arms which butt up against each other and are secured with slim braces at two different points to ensure rigidity. 
+ The carbon has a subtle chamfer and silky matte finish. A departure from traditional layered sheets, it is fully woven which means zero delamination.
+ As standard on Hyperlow frames, the RS+ features a removable front camera plate which can be easily and quickly replaced instead of an entire bottom plate. 
+ No matter which GoPro form factor you fly the new HD mount has you covered with a snug Session fit, and a strapless Hero 5/6/7 adapter.
+ All other Hyperlow and Brain3D mounts are compatible due to standardized FC mounting pattern around the FPV cam.

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